Plans and staying in Finland

Life is not easy to predict. If you had asked me one year ago I would not have been able to even guess what would be about to happen during the year to come. I have studied in Finland, met numerous new friends, travelled trough Europe and met a fantastic girl. I've come to like … Continue reading Plans and staying in Finland


Ah Paris! As I entered the city I was immediately met by the sight of an enormous amount of people. The feeling of a true metropolis just hit me directly. As I went out and started to walk through the city I saw beautifully decorated and architected houses, gare du Nord was really beautiful as … Continue reading Paris


The second week of the interrail I went to Belgium, traveling together with my friend Ward. We traveled half of the way with train and then stayed the night at his relative. This was the first time I actually had to use my interrail since previously I'd been able to move around quite successfully without … Continue reading Belgium